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July 09010

82 years old (2013), single, retired, always looking for traveling and birding companions.

I take two or three major (2 weeks to a month) overseas birding/nature trips each year. However I ‘bird’ as often as I can, almost every morning in Baja, Mexico. I generally return to visit the United States once each year.

I live in Mexico. My home is in southern Baja Mexico, on the Sea of Cortez, right on the Tropic of Cancer. I am an avid bird-watcher and have been for many years. When at home I bird almost every morning. However to be really truthful, I bird mainly to get bird photographs. It’s just as hard to get a good picture of a common bird as a rare one.

In order that others may enjoy my photographs I:

1. Send out a daily email (BirdNotes) to several hundred intrested birders with photos and information of our local Baja birds. To join click HERE and add either “subscribe” or “sample” to the subject line and your email address to the body.

2. Hardcopy calendars and photobooks of birds can be seen HERE

3. Baja Bird Guides (3 volumes) written for the Kindle Fire or HD (color images)

Volume 1 SMALL BIRD GUIDE – Hummers to Cardinals HERE

Volume 2 MEDIUM TO LARGE SIZE BIRD GUIDE – Cardinals to Vultures HERE

Volume 3 SHORE AND WATERBIRDS… work is in progress

BAJA BIRDS 101 – a photoguide of 120 birds of Baja, arranged in traditional guide order.HERE

Personal Bio

Born in San Jose, Ca. Grew up in San Francisco. Fought in Korea. Worked in Aerospace and electronics for 30 years. Retired early to sail around the world.

I bought a sailboat in 1974 and sailed solo for 12 years. Up and down the California coast to Mexico then across the Pacific Ocean to the Fiji Islands. These sailing adventures have been published in a Kindle eBook format.

The sailing adventures to and from California to Baja Mexico are found HERE

The stories of sailing the islands of the south Pacific can be found HERE

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