(de)Volution of an Idea

I had just finished. carving a spoon and was about to throw away the scrap wood It was about 6″ X 3″. Instead of throwing it away I decided to carve something else with it.  First here is the spoon.



The shape of the scrap reminded me of long shape. So I carved it into this

Weird guy maybe a Brontosaurus? I think I was thinking of a giraffe. Oh well, throw it away … but wait a minute, let’s cut off that long neck.

I don’t know? A wolf, dog, pig, what ever but back to the scrap pile. But wait a minute the neck and head are still here. Let’s try a giraffe

Shitty looking giraffe. Try something else.

Made new head and changed him into an African antelope. But wait a minute, that neck and head is still here.

The Loch-Ness monster rises from the sea. Enough of this shit. Throw it all in the garbage can and grab a beer. Have fun while you are still able.

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