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BirdNotes – 12 Sept 2014 – Photos

Friday, September 12th, 2014

20140910-38 (Medium)
Pyrrhuloxia – male

Awoke to solid overcast. A small disturbance to the east of us promises rain later today. Odlie is slowly moving nothwest and is projected to be about 300 miles west of us on Monday afternoon. I’m guessing that we’ll feel some wind and rain starting Sunday.

BirdNotes – 11 Sept 2014 – Raven

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

20140910-16 (Medium)

Common Raven – Corvas corax

First, the hurricane news … Odile (interesting name) is moving slowly and is projected to pass La Ribera latitude about 100 miles west of Toda Santos on Monday night. This track is similar to the last one. All we got from that hurricane was a day of rain. Arizona got the brunt.

BirdNotes -10 Sept 2014 –
Cassin’s Kingbird

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

20140910-05 (Medium)

Cassin’s Kingbird

Another fantastic morning. Clear, calm and a cool 72. We just reached 90 yesterday ..have not used the AC for three days now. I think summer is over a couple of weeks early.

BirdNotes – 1 Sept 2014 – Roadrunner

Monday, September 1st, 2014

20140901-15 (Medium)

Greater Roadrunner

Up and out at sunup (0700). Spent about an hour and a half. Got some good closeups of another roadrunner. Also got some shots of our Common Raven. Saw 9 species this morning. Shot 635 photos, saved 32 (which is a lot to save). A reminder that I email a daily BirdNotes to selected people, if you would like to recieve Birdnotes similar to these blogs, go to About the Author Page and sign up.